Gardens well worth seeing south of Stockholm
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Almost every owner of a garden now has a blog and /or photoalbum

News! We wish to welcome Mrs Pia and Mr Per Nilsson to our group of Visitgardens in Sörmland. They have a beautiful garden.

2017 will nine amateur gardeners open their private gardens to the public. This year’s event was a great success.

2017 are the Gardens open 10.00-17.00:

Sunday 23 April only Stenström Garden is open

Saturday 6 May just
Bratt/Gustafsson and Stenström Gardens are open

Sunday 7 May just  Bratt/Gustafsson, Stenström and
Nordén Gardens are open

Sunday 14 May only Knutsson Garden is open

Sunday 28 May all the Gardens are open

Sunday 18 June all the Gardens are open 

Sunday 6 August  all the Gardens are open except Bratt/Gustafsson

All other days please contact the owners for further information about when you can visit the gardens.

The gardens vary a lot, from large lush gardens in the countryside to small “stony oases” in town surroundings. Many of the gardens have been awarded prizes, even as The Most Beautiful Garden in Sweden.

We hope you will enjoy your visit. You must know that most of the gardens are a bit hilly, with steps and gravel paths and therefore not available for all visitors.

During the visit, the visitor must take the full responsibility.

Use the menu to the left to find out what every garden has to offer. You can also click on the figures on the map and on the names to the right.


Nilssons trädgård Nilssons trädgård Nilssons trädgård Pia och Per Nilsson 
Tallbacken is a rural split-level garden with large pond and a diversity of favorite plants.
Kleva Tallbacken
646 94 Björnlunda
070 288 34 84, 076 946 72 27

Sehlins trädgård Sehlins trädgård Sehlins trädgård Solveig och Börje Sehlin Cottage inspired garden
Hagby, Västra Ekbacken,
632 22 Eskilstuna
016-12 65 35, 073-669 22 30

Symbol Nordéns trädgård Nordéns trädgård Nordéns trädgård Nordéns trädgård Teckenbergs trädgård Carita och Bertel Nordén
An oasis in urban environment
Jakob Borgmästaresv 49,
152 40 Södertälje
08-550 63 518 0707-48 00 63

Symbol Hoffers trädgård Eva Bratt och Sören Gustafsson
A large extraordinary cottage garden in constant progress
Näs Larslund,
646 94 Björnlunda
0158-20542 0730 548599

SymbolMargaretha och Leif Moby
Blooming mountaingarden
Orrhammar, Grävlingsvägen 258, 642 92 Flen
0157-143 68
070-633 60 56

Symbol Nordéns trädgård Birgitta och Håkan Stenström
A large inspiring garden with more than 3000 different plants
Lindbro Humlebacken,
640 24 Sköldinge
0157-501 20 070-334 27 16

Sällskapet Trädgårds
Amatörerna, STA

Sällskapet Trädgårds

Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård, RST
Allt om Trädgård
Odla nu

Nilssons trädgård Nilssons trädgård Sehlins trädgård Sehlins trädgård Teckenbergs trädgård Hoffers trädgård Nordéns trädgård Bratt Gustavssons trädgård